Alejandro Ávalos-Rodríguez

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This study was conducted to evaluate phosphatidylserine translocation in head plasma membrane of Percoll-gradient purified of rabbit cauda epididymal sperm during capacitation and acrosome reaction(More)
The differential quantitative participation of apoptosis and necrosis in ewe antral follicles of two different sizes, separated in four stages of atresia using macroscopic, histologic, and esteroid(More)
In the spermatozoa of some species, the ubiquitin-proteasome system detects altered proteins and tags them for elimination by the proteasome. In some species' ejaculates, a high proportion of(More)
The production of ornamental fishes represents an economic activity of a growing number of Mexican families. Nevertheless, the reproduction of fish in captivity is one of the complications faced by(More)
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