Alejandra Rodríguez

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In crop breeding, the interest of predicting the performance of candidate cultivars in the field has increased due to recent advances in molecular breeding technologies. However, the complexity of the wheat genome presents some challenges for applying new technologies in molecular marker identification with next-generation sequencing. We applied(More)
—Sustainability is a concept for which exist many definitions, but most of them are either vague or too limited; no consensus has been achieved. One pragmatic solution is to provide an implicit definition by setting up a standard with criteria that have to be fulfilled, e.g., by a company in order to reach their self-set sustainability goals. The problem is(More)
Mate finding in many spider species is mediated, at least in part, by chemical cues. Although few have been characterized, most spider sex pheromones seem to be associated with the silk threads of adult females, attracting and/or triggering sexual behaviors in males. Schizocosa malitiosa (Araneae: Lycosidae) is a wolf spider common in dry environments in(More)
The new coelomycete Pyrenochaeta keratinophila, isolated from corneal scrapings of a case of keratitis in Spain, is described and illustrated. This fungus is morphologically characterized by grey-olivaceous to greenish olivaceous colonies, scarce pycnidial setae placed mainly near the ostiole and production of phialoconidia from the aerial mycelium. The(More)
Perumytilus purpuratus is an abundant bivalve located in the intertidal rocky zone of South America that has been considered as a key species of the ecosystem. There are few studies of the host-parasite relationship of this bivalve; thus, this research aims to analyse the spatial and temporal variation in the prevalence of trematodes in P. purpuratus.(More)