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Hypothyroxinemia affects 35-50% of neonates born prematurely (12% of births) and increases their risk of suffering neurodevelopmental alterations. We have developed an animal model to study the role of maternal thyroid hormones (THs) at the end of gestation on offspring's cerebral maturation. Pregnant rats were surgically thyroidectomized at embryonic day(More)
Hereditary hemochromatosis (HH) encompasses genetic disorders of iron overload characterized by deficient expression or function of the iron-regulatory hormone hepcidin. Mutations in 5 genes have been linked to this disease: HFE, TFR2 (encoding transferrin receptor 2), HAMP (encoding hepcidin), SLC40A1 (encoding ferroportin) and HJV (encoding hemojuvelin).(More)
Juvenile hemochromatosis is a severe hereditary iron overload disease caused by mutations in the HJV (hemojuvelin) and HAMP (hepcidin) genes. Hepcidin is an important iron regulatory hormone, and hemojuvelin may regulate hepcidin synthesis via the multifunctional membrane receptor neogenin. We explored the expression of murine hemojuvelin and neogenin mRNAs(More)
BACKGROUND Airway smooth muscle hypertrophy is closely associated with the pathophysiology of hyper-reactive airways in allergic asthma. OBJECTIVE To determine whether repeated exposure to allergens during postnatal lung development promotes remodelling of airway smooth muscle. METHODS Infant, male rhesus monkeys (30-day-old) were sensitized to house(More)
BACKGROUND Autologous platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has been proven to be very effective on tissue regeneration and wound healing. Here we investigate the potential use of PRP in the treatment of symptomatic dry eye. METHODS Eighteen consecutive patients with symptomatic dry eye were treated with topical PRP and followed up for 1 month. Disappearance of(More)
PURPOSE To ascertain the usefulness of platelet-rich plasma in the treatment of patients suffering from symptomatic ocular surface syndrome following LASIK. METHODS Twenty-six eyes (9 women and 4 men) affected by symptomatic ocular surface syndrome were treated with topical eye drops of autologous platelet-rich plasma and results were reported at 4 weeks.(More)
In crop breeding, the interest of predicting the performance of candidate cultivars in the field has increased due to recent advances in molecular breeding technologies. However, the complexity of the wheat genome presents some challenges for applying new technologies in molecular marker identification with next-generation sequencing. We applied(More)
—Sustainability is a concept for which exist many definitions, but most of them are either vague or too limited; no consensus has been achieved. One pragmatic solution is to provide an implicit definition by setting up a standard with criteria that have to be fulfilled, e.g., by a company in order to reach their self-set sustainability goals. The problem is(More)