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200 adult respiratory distress syndrome patients were included in a prospective multicenter randomized trial to determine the efficacy of computerized decision support. The study was done in 10 medical centers across the United States. There was no significant difference in survival between the two treatment groups (mean 2 = 0.49 p = 0.49) or in ICU length(More)
The many disparate databases existing within the same health care organization create confusion and frustration for the consumer trying to get integrated information. The purpose of this research was to create a regional service that would provide a customer oriented information broker service with a single point of contact and guaranteed performance. From(More)
Complete, accurate and timely patient care documentation is an essential part of the practice of medicine. As with any other process in medicine or industry, continuous quality improvement (CQI) is essential to assure the highest quality at the lowest cost. CQI requires objective key process measures that can be assessed routinely. A set of key process(More)
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