Alejandra López

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BACKGROUND Microcirculation and macrohemodynamics are severely compromised during septic shock. However, the relationship between these two compartments needs to be further investigated. We hypothesized that early resuscitation restores left ventricular (LV) performance and microcirculatory function but fails to prevent metabolic disorders. We studied the(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate whether the clinical expression and disease outcome in psoriatic spondylitis (PsS) may vary according to age at disease onset. METHODS This study included 70 patients from a unique outpatient spondylitis clinic followed on a regular basis with a standard protocol. Patients were diagnosed with PsS according to ESSG criteria plus(More)
INTRODUCTION This was a cross-sectional multicenter study to investigate the ability of physicians and nurses from three different countries to subjectively evaluate sublingual microcirculation images and thereby discriminate normal from abnormal sublingual microcirculation based on flow and density abnormalities. METHODS Forty-five physicians and 61(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of the present study was to evaluate the quality of integrated child health care management (ICHCM) promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO) after an in-service training course. METHODS The training was carried out in a rural and an urban health unit and in the paediatric ward of the local reference hospital. Tutorial courses were(More)
This research aimed to analyze the role of Psychological Well-being factors in young professional tennis players, assigning special attention to their preferred coping strategies and perceived autonomy that specifically contribute to Psychological Well-being. The conceptual framework utilized for this study was Ryff's Psychological Well-being(More)
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