Alejandra Jiménez

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BACKGROUND Dengue virus is the most serious mosquito-borne viral threat to public health and no vaccines or antiviral therapies are approved for dengue fever. The tetravalent DENVax vaccine contains a molecularly characterised live attenuated dengue serotype-2 virus (DENVax-2) and three recombinant vaccine viruses expressing the prM and E structural genes(More)
The effect of colonization on the distribution of genetic diversity within and among populations in relation to species characteristics remains an open empirical question. The objective of this study was to contrast genetic diversity within and among established and colonizing populations of Nassauvia lagascae var. lanata on Volcán Lonquimay (Araucanía(More)
Colonising populations do not always exhibit founder effects. Common explanations are high levels of immigration and/or reproduction, but few empirical tests have been done. We measured genetic diversity of Nassauvia argentea in terms of variation and divergence of plant populations that have colonised Volcán Lonquimay, Chile, following its latest eruption(More)
The practice of single use devices (SUD) recycling raises public health concerns, primarily with regard to the potential risks of infection and device malfunction. These concerns have led to a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revision of the present regulations. The purpose of our work is to identify different material parameters that could contribute to(More)
Disseminated leishmaniasis (DL) is a poorly described disease that is frequently misdiagnosed as other clinical manifestations of cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) such as diffuse CL or post-kala-azar dermal leishmaniasis. Twenty-seven cases of DL diagnosed between 1997 and 2015 are described. A higher prevalence was observed in men (mean age 32 years). The(More)
All human activities have an impact in the environment in which we live. Nowadays, the industrial gases emission is considered as one of the main causes for worsening greenhouse effect. The African Palm agro industry in Ecuador is no stranger to this problem. The solid waste that this industry produces is frequently handled as common garbage, ignoring its(More)
A Greenhouse is an indoor covered place where plants are grown and cultivated. In the agriculture field, the crops into greenhouse are highly used due that they provide a little micro-environment that can be easier controlled. At this same context, there are some important parameters that should be monitored at a greenhouse in order to achieve good results(More)
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