Alejandra Guillén

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Improving patient self-management can have a greater impact than improving any clinical treatment (WHO). We propose here a systematic and comprehensive user centered design approach for delivering a technological platform for diabetes disease management. The system was developed under the METABO research project framework, involving patients from 3(More)
The loss of the ability in signalling transduction constitutes an attractive hypothesis to explain the age-related loss of functions in the nervous system. In this paper we have examined adenylyl cyclase and G proteins in Ceratitis capitata brain during aging. The intermediate level of complexity of the Mediterranean fruit fly and its short lifespan make it(More)
Octopamine exerts its effects in insects through interaction with at least two classes of receptors, designated octopamine-1 and octopamine-2. Octopamine-2 receptors are positively coupled to adenylate cyclase, while octopamine-1 receptors are not coupled to this enzyme system. Ceratitis capitata brain appears to have octopamine receptors as unique(More)
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