Alejandra Flores-Miller

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Changing demographics in new receiving communities contributes to a lag time between the arrival of new immigrants and the development of appropriate services. This scarcity of services can exacerbate existing disparities in health conditions such as HIV, which disproportionately affects Latinos. Focus groups were conducted in Baltimore with 59 Latino men(More)
HIV-related stigma has been associated with a reluctance to test for HIV among Latinos. This study assessed community HIV-related stigma within an emerging Latino immigrant receiving city. We conducted a brief survey among a convenience sample of 312 Spanish-speaking Latinos in Baltimore, Maryland. HIV-related stigma was assessed through six items.(More)
BACKGROUND Latinos, particularly immigrant men, are more likely to present late to care for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. OBJECTIVES This manuscript describes the development of ¡Sólo Se Vive Una Vez! (¡Vive!) (You Only Live Once), a multilevel (individual and community) intervention aimed at increasing HIV testing. METHODS A partnership(More)
BACKGROUND Although Latinos living in the United States are disproportionately affected by HIV, the development, implementation, and evaluation of HIV prevention, testing, and linkage to care interventions lag behind efforts occurring in other communities. To address sociocultural barriers to testing, we developed a multilevel intervention. This study is a(More)
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