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Hypothyroxinemia affects 35-50% of neonates born prematurely (12% of births) and increases their risk of suffering neurodevelopmental alterations. We have developed an animal model to study the role of maternal thyroid hormones (THs) at the end of gestation on offspring's cerebral maturation. Pregnant rats were surgically thyroidectomized at embryonic day(More)
BACKGROUND Airway smooth muscle hypertrophy is closely associated with the pathophysiology of hyper-reactive airways in allergic asthma. OBJECTIVE To determine whether repeated exposure to allergens during postnatal lung development promotes remodelling of airway smooth muscle. METHODS Infant, male rhesus monkeys (30-day-old) were sensitized to house(More)
PURPOSE To report a case of unusual endogenous endophthalmitis associated with the use of leflunomide and adalimumab. METHODS A 48-year-old woman on treatment with leflunomide and adalimumab for rheumatoid arthritis developed an endogenous endophthalmitis caused by Propionibacterium acnes. Diagnosis was confirmed by polymerase chain reaction and positive(More)
A 72-year-old man with chronic endophthalmitis who received steroid treatment for 3 months came to our center. Sterile endophthalmitis after cataract extraction had been diagnosed. Aqueous samples including smears, classic cultures, and polymerase chain reaction were taken for microbiological study. Amplified DNA was sequenced to identify the pathogen.(More)
PURPOSE Demodex is a mite commonly found in eyelash hair follicles and sebaceous glands of healthy people. Due to the fact this mite has also been reported in many chronic cases of blepharitis, we aimed to investigate the incidence of infestation with this mite in healthy people and in patients with chronic blepharitis, in addition to evaluating the(More)
Four complexes combining the {Ru(p-cym)} moiety (p-cym = para-cymene) with thiosemicarbazone (TSC) ligands containing the 5-nitrofuryl pharmacophore were investigated in vitro for their properties as prospective anti-tumour agents. The compounds are dimeric structures of general formula [Ru2(p-cym)2(L)2]X2 where X = Cl(-), PF6(-) and L = deprotonated(More)
Blood derived products have demonstrated their capacity to enhance healing and stimulate the regeneration of different tissues and this enhancing effect is attributed to the growth factors and bioactive proteins that are synthesized and present in blood. Eye platelet rich plasma (E-PRP) provides higher concentration of essential growth factors and cell(More)
PURPOSE To study the effect of the LASIK procedure performed with a femtosecond laser and a manual microkeratome on the conjunctival goblet cell and epithelial cell populations. METHODS In this prospective, nonrandomized, masked study, 64 eyes undergoing LASIK were included: 30 with the Moria M2 (M2) microkeratome and 34 with the IntraLase femtosecond(More)
We report a new fungus as an agent of fungal keratitis in a diabetic woman. The fungal etiology was established by classic microbiology and PCR following 3 months of antibacterial therapy. The morphological features of the isolate and sequence analysis of the internal transcribed spacer region indicate a new species of Pyrenochaeta (Coelomycetes).