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The aim of this work was to test whether the differences usually found between the processing of visual stimuli corresponding to natural and artifactual domains reflect the different ways in which these domains are organized in the brain or are rather due to varying tasks demands. For this purpose, we designed two tasks in which subjects had to classify a(More)
Antisocial behavior is strongly associated with academic failure in adolescence. There is a solid body of evidence that points to parenting style as one of its main predictors. The objective of this work is to elaborate a reduced, valid, and reliable version of the questionnaire by Oliva et al. (2007) to evaluate the dimensions of parenting style and to(More)
INTRODUCTION In Alzheimer's disease a gradual and progressive loss of semantic information takes place. A question of great importance on both the theoretical and practical levels is which concepts are the first to be lost and which are the most resistant to deterioration. Some theories maintain that the beginning of the disease stimuli belonging to certain(More)
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