Alejandra Couto-Vázquez

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The impact of three fire fighting chemicals (FFC) on 11 chemical soil properties and on soil recovery (0-2 cm depth) was evaluated 1, 30, 90 and 365 days after a prescribed fire. Five treatments were considered: unburnt soil (US) and burnt soil with 2 l m(-2) of water alone (BS) or mixed with the foaming agent Auxquímica RFC-88 at 1% (BS+Fo), Firesorb at(More)
Needles, annual rings from basal stem discs and bark of three dominant and three suppressed Pinus pinaster from a 12-year-old pine stand (naturally regenerated after a wildfire) were analysed to study the effects of climate, tree age, dominance, and growth on tree δ15N. Foliar-N concentration in dominant pines (0.780–1.474% N) suggested that soil N(More)
In a 12-year-old Pinus radiata plantation, three dominant and three suppressed trees removed by thinning were randomly selected, and needles, annual rings from basal stem disks and bark were collected and analyzed to study the relationships of climate, tree age, dominance and growth with tree δ15N. The high foliar N concentration (1.35–2.73 % N, dw)(More)
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