Alejandra Capelli

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A total of 1147 pertrochanteric and subtrochanteric fractures, 10 delays in consolidation and non-union, 24 pathologic fractures and osteolysis with the risk of fracture, treated with a gamma nail in 17 Italian departments of traumatology, were collected. In 70% of the patients weight-bearing was allowed during the first week postsurgery; 77% of the(More)
In a multicentric study, the data of 628 trochanteric fractures, two non-unions, and 18 pathologic or impending fractures treated by Gamma nail in 13 Italian traumatology services were collected and analyzed. In 70% of the patients weight bearing was allowed in the first postoperative week and 78% of the controlled patients returned to their pretrauma(More)
The aim of the present contribution is to explore the possible surgical solution of the problem of dislocation of the hip secondary to infantile septic arthritis, particularly in the form in which the femoral head is totally destroyed. The operation of trochanteroplasty is based on transposing the intact epiphysis of the great trochanter to act as a new(More)
The authors carried out a long-term review of 22 children and adolescents treated for traumatic dislocation and fracture dislocation of the hip with a view to ascertaining the factors responsible for unsatisfactory results. They considered the age of the patient, the severity of the trauma, the presence of associated fractures of the acetabular rim, the(More)
A case is presented of cord compression due to vertebral echinococcosis which relapsed after a first laminectomy elsewhere. The authors carried out a second excision with decompression from the anterior approach, supplemented by grafting. After a period of recovery and well being, relapse occurred with renewal of the cord compression. A second decompressive(More)