Aleem Khaliq

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This paper modifies traditional break-even analysis and develops a model that reflects the influence of variation in payer mix, the collection rate, profitability and autonomous income on the desired volume alternative. The augmented model indicates that a failure to adjust for uncollectibles and the net surplus results in a systematic understatement of the(More)
In this paper, least mean square (LMS) adaptive filter and its several variants are used to remove the noise in degraded electrocardiographic (ECG) signals. One of the main interference sources in measurement of ECG signal includes 50 Hz power line that produces distortion in the original signal while measuring. Recently, adaptive filtering is supposed to(More)
In recent years, it is been a great challenge to have high data transmission rates with additional bandwidth at the same time in wireless communication systems. Multicarrier systems along with MIMO have provided good results in achieving high bandwidth and spectral efficiency. Recently Filter bank multicarrier systems (FBMC) have been implemented and(More)
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