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The double-hurdle perspective suggests that it is crucial to distinguish between per capita and per smoker consumption when estimating the demand for cigarettes. This paper presents a two equation model which identifies consumption and participation as two separate decisions. The model is estimated with annual data on U.K. cigarette expenditure and(More)
Strongly worded directives regarding the need for increased patient participation during nursing interaction with patients have recently appeared in a range of 'best-practice' documents. This paper focuses on one area of nurse-patient communication, the hospital admission interview, which has been put forward as an ideal arena for increased patient(More)
AIM   To report on the development of a ranked thematic list encompassing the positive and challenging exemplars of patient-centred professionalism in community nursing. BACKGROUND   There has been little research exploring what 'patient-centred professionalism' means to those working within the healthcare settings. Consensus methods, such as those(More)
Multilevel analyses have become an accepted statistical technique in the field of education where over the past decade or so the methods have been developed to explore the relationships between pupil characteristics and the characteristics of the schools they attend. More recently, widespread use has extended to other social sciences and health research.(More)
Inquiries in the UK into mistreatment of older people by healthcare employees over the last 30 years have focused on introducing or supporting employee whistle-blowing. Although whistle-blowers have made an important contribution to patient safety it remains a controversial activity. The fate of whistle-blowers is bleak, often resulting in personal and(More)
AIM To report a qualitative study which explores registered nurses' views on the issue of time in the workplace. BACKGROUND There is a worldwide shortage of healthcare workers, subsequently time as a healthcare resource is both finite and scarce. As a result, increased attention is being paid to the restructuring of nursing work. However, the experience(More)
In recent years new modes of nursing work have been introduced globally in response to radical changes in healthcare policies, technology and new ideologies of citizenship. These transformations have redefined orthodox nurse-patient relationships and further complicated the division of labour within health-care. One distinctive feature of the work of(More)
The lung nitric oxide (NO) diffusing capacity (DlNO) mainly reflects alveolar-capillary membrane conductance (Dm). However, blood resistance has been shown in vitro and in vivo. To explore whether this resistance lies in the plasma, the red blood cell (RBC) membrane, or in the RBC interior, we measured the NO diffusing capacity (Dno) in a membrane(More)
Integration of patient views in mental health service planning is in its infancy despite service provision being clearly dominated by narratives from professional consultations and medical records. We wished to clarify perceptions of uncertainty about mental health conditions from a range of provider and user perspectives (patients, carers, parents, mental(More)
This study explored the perceptions of staff in an interprofessional team based on a medical rehabilitation ward for older people, following the introduction of a service improvement programme designed to promote better teamworking. The study aimed to address a lack of in-depth qualitative research that could explain the day-to-day realities of(More)