Alecu Diaconu

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The natural history of introduced species is often unclear due to a lack of historical records. Even when historical information is readily available, important factors of the invasions such as genetic bottlenecks, hybridization, historical relationships among populations and adaptive changes are left unknown. In this study, we developed a set of nuclear,(More)
Differences in morphological or ecological traits expressed by exotic species between their native and non-native ranges are often interpreted as evidence for adaptation to new conditions in the non-native ranges. In turn this adaptation is often hypothesized to contribute to the successful invasion of these species. There is good evidence for rapid(More)
Despite the global effort to control the spread of HIV and AIDS, the number of HIV-infected people continues to increase worldwide. The failure of present prevention strategies, which rely principally on the modification of behavioral practices that put individuals at risk of getting the infection, and the lack of effective anti-HIV drugs have given an(More)
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