Alecsandru Simion

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Corneocytes were prepared from stratum corneum after extraction of the lipids and then were reaggregated with model lipids to form a membrane. The transport of water through the membrane was found to be similar to earlier published values for reaggregated stratum corneum formed with the indigenous lipids. Similar values were also obtained when only(More)
The interior permanent magnet (IPM) synchronous machines have several desirable features for automotive, tools machines and residential drive applications. When operating over a wide speed range, the main problem is to assure a proper and automatically set flux weakening. The paper presents a control structure of an IPM synchronous machine proper to be used(More)
The paper reports design and FEM simulation comments on a fractional power three-phase induction motor with severe constraints as regards frame size and supply electric parameters. The simulation stage consists in magnetodynamic and transient analyses both in 2D and multilayer approach. The study takes into consideration different topologies (straight or(More)
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