Alecsandru Patrascu

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Cloud computing represents a different paradigm in distributed computing that involves more and more researchers. In this context, we can see that there is a need for knowing where and when a certain data is processed or stored. Compared with classic digital forensic, the field of cloud forensic poses a lot of difficulties since data is not stored on a(More)
One of the relative recent approaches for enhancing the modern cryptosystems security is to add the biometrics layer to the existing cryptographic infrastructures. The Biometric Encryption process proposes to combine the soft biometrics with existing cryptographic keys, overcoming many of the traditional biometric systems vulnerabilities. In this paper we(More)
Cyber threats and the field of computer cyber defense are gaining more and more an increased importance in our lives. Starting from our regular personal computers and ending with thin clients such as netbooks or smartphones we find ourselves bombarded with constant malware attacks. In this paper we will present a new and novel way in which we can detect(More)
Spam messages are becoming a serious problem for most system administrators and computer users. Along with the increase in spam volume there is also a need for efficient detection methods which are able to cope with the analysis of thousands of emails per day. In this article we present a novel solution for spam detection which is based on a service(More)
Current user demands from a storage service increase every day in complexity and availability. Together with the expansion of Cloud Computing services we find an important problem existing in nowadays datacenters - the problem of efficient, secure and reliable storage backbone that can serve both virtual infrastructures and users. In this paper we present a(More)
Bio-cryptography represents a relative new and emerging domain, which proposes to strengthen the usual biometric systems, by adding the traditional cryptography layer to their architecture. Its main benefit lies in the elimination of the need for storing enrolled users biometric templates. Although bio-cryptographic algorithms confer a certain level of(More)
Cloud Computing is one of the most important paradigms used in today's digital environment because they offer to the user benefits such as virtual machine renting, digital information backup, ease of access to stored data and many other. Together with the increased usage of these technologies, at the datacenter level we need to know in detail the(More)
Interconnected computing units are used more and more in our daily lives, starting from the transportation systems and ending with gas and electricity distribution, together with tenths or hundreds of systems and sensors, called critical infrastructures. In this context, cyber protection is vital because they represent one of the most important parts of a(More)