Alecos Demetriades

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Spatially resolved hazard assessment (SRHA) and spatially resolved exposure assessment (SREA) are methodologies that have been devised for assessing child exposure to soil containing environmental pollutants. These are based on either a quantitative or a semiquantitative approach. The feasibility of the methodologies has been demonstrated in a study(More)
In the Lavrion urban area study, Hellas, a five-step sequential extraction method was applied on samples of 'soil' (n = 224), affected by long-term mining and metallurgical activities, and house dust (n = 127), for the purpose of studying the potential bioaccessibility of lead and other metals to humans. In this paper, the Pb concentrations in soil and(More)
Applied geochemistry and environmental sciences invariably deal with compositional data. Classically, the original or log-transformed absolute element concentrations are studied. However, compositional data do not vary independently, and a concentration based approach to data analysis can lead to faulty conclusions. For this reason a better statistical(More)