Alec M. Chiu

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PURPOSE To demonstrate the association between minocycline treatment and development of the pseudotumor cerebri syndrome. METHODS A retrospective study was conducted of 12 patients from five neuro-ophthalmic referral centers who developed pseudotumor cerebri syndrome after being treated with standard doses of minocycline for refractory acne vulgaris. The(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the long-term outcome of combined penetrating keratoplasty (PKP) and vitreoretinal surgery using temporary keratoprosthesis (TKP). METHODS A retrospective study of 107 eyes with coexisting corneal and vitreoretinal diseases that underwent combined PKP and vitreoretinal surgery using TKP. Corneal graft clarity, intraocular pressure, and(More)
Reelin is a regulator of cell migration in the nervous system, and has other functions in the development of a number of non-neuronal tissues. In addition, alterations in reelin expression levels have been reported in breast, pancreatic, liver, gastric, and other cancers. Reelin is normally expressed in mammary gland stromal cells, but whether stromal(More)
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