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BACKGROUND Healthcare has entered the electronic domain. This domain has improved data collection and storage abilities while allowing almost instantaneous access and results to data queries. Furthermore, it allows direct communication between healthcare providers and health consumers. The development of privacy, confidentiality, and security principles are(More)
The technology sector of healthcare is entering a new evolutionary phase. The medical community has an obligation to the public to provide the safest, most effective healthcare possible. This is more achievable with the use of computer technology at the point of care, and small, portable devices could fulfil this role. A PriceWaterhouse Coopers 2001 survey(More)
Electronic medical consultation is available worldwide through access to the World Wide Web (WWW). This article outlines a research study on the adoption of electronic medical consultation as a means of health delivery. It focuses on the delivery of healthcare specifically for New Zealanders, by New Zealanders. It is acknowledged that the WWW is a global(More)
BACKGROUND There is a lack of tools to evaluate and compare Electronic patient record (EPR) systems to inform a rational choice or development agenda. OBJECTIVE To develop a tool kit to measure the impact of different EPR system features on the consultation. METHODS We first developed a specification to overcome the limitations of existing methods. We(More)
BACKGROUND It is becoming increasingly important for health professionals to have an understanding of health informatics. Education in this area must support not only undergraduate students but also the many workers who graduated before informatics education was available in the undergraduate program. To be successful, such a program must allow(More)
This paper outlines the general concept of similarity. The background on the research undertaken on similarity is detailed and its application in GIS is discussed. This is an introductory paper to spatial similarity and more detailed concepts such as context and similarity measures can be found in other articles by the author. The example given in this(More)
Every day the takeover of paper records by electronic versions seems more inevitable. Many of us who have used the paper version, despite its limitations, are anxious about new technology with its different challenges. In this paper we discuss aspects of both types of record and identify some of their weaknesses and strengths. Whilst there is little science(More)