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AUGUSTUS is a software tool for gene prediction in eukaryotes based on a Generalized Hidden Markov Model, a probabilistic model of a sequence and its gene structure. Like most existing gene finders, the first version of AUGUSTUS returned one transcript per predicted gene and ignored the phenomenon of alternative splicing. Herein, we present a WWW server for(More)
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An assumption inherent in many models of visual space is that the spatial coordinates of retinal cells implicitly give rise to the perceptual code for position. The results of the experiments reported here, in which it is shown that retinally non-veridical locations of contour elements are used by the visual system for contour-element binding, lend support(More)
The characteristics of automatized performance resemble those of preattentive processing in some respects. In the context of visual search tasks, these include spatially parallel processing, involuntary calling of attention, learning without awareness, and time-sharing with other tasks. However, this article reports some evidence suggesting that extended(More)
Using next-generation DNA sequencing, it was possible to clarify the genetic relationships of Avena species and deduce the likely pathway from which hexaploid oat was formed by sequential polyploidization events. A sequence-based diversity study was conducted on a representative sample of accessions from species in the genus Avena using(More)
Exposure to vapours of volatile chemicals is a major occupational and environmental health concern. Toxicity testing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) has always faced significant technological problems due to their high volatility and/or low solubility. The aim of this study was to develop a practical and reproducible in vitro exposure technique for(More)
The pellet height response (a measure of the increase in height of the pellet of cilia obtained by brief centrifugation in the presence of ATP as compared to the absence of ATP) of Tetrahymena cilia prepared by deciliation in the presence of Ca2+ is sensitive to the concentration of free Ca2+ during the pellet height assay. The magnitude of the increase in(More)
Cilia from the protozoan Tetrahymena pyriformis were demembranated and then extracted for 5 min with a buffer containing 0.5 M NaCl. The briefly extracted axonemal pellet was then reextracted for about 20 hr. The soluble material obtained from each extraction was resolved into 14S and 30S dynein ATPases by sedimentation on sucrose density gradients and(More)
Demembranated cilia of Tetrahymena pyriformis were extracted with KCl or Tris-EDTA and the crude dyneins from each resolved by sucrose density gradient sedimentation into 14S-K, 30S-K, 14S-E and 30S-E dyneins, respectively. The calmodulin activation ratio (ATPase activity in presence of added calmodulin/ATPase activity in absence of added calmodulin) did(More)
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