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AUGUSTUS is a software tool for gene prediction in eukaryotes based on a Generalized Hidden Markov Model, a probabilistic model of a sequence and its gene structure. Like most existing gene finders, the first version of AUGUSTUS returned one transcript per predicted gene and ignored the phenomenon of alternative splicing. Herein, we present a WWW server for(More)
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An assumption inherent in many models of visual space is that the spatial coordinates of retinal cells implicitly give rise to the perceptual code for position. The results of the experiments reported here, in which it is shown that retinally non-veridical locations of contour elements are used by the visual system for contour-element binding, lend support(More)
Using next-generation DNA sequencing, it was possible to clarify the genetic relationships of Avena species and deduce the likely pathway from which hexaploid oat was formed by sequential polyploidization events. A sequence-based diversity study was conducted on a representative sample of accessions from species in the genus Avena using(More)
The presence of TSNA has been suggested as a potentially important cancer risk factor for moist smokeless tobacco (MST) products. We describe studies of the impact of tobacco agronomic and production practices which influence TSNA formation. TSNA were measured at points in the MST production chain from the farm to the finished product at the end of shelf(More)
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