Alec Goodyear

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Simulated annealing is a general optimisation algorithm, based on hill-climbing. As in hill-climbing, new candidate solutions are selected from the ‘neighbourhood’ of the current solution. For continuous parameter optimisation, it is practically impossible to choose direct neighbours, because of the vast number of points in the search space. In this case,(More)
Optical imaging is performed with temporal and spatial resolution in a capacitively coupled plasma. The region imaged is in front of an RF biased planar probe embedded in the center of the ground electrode of a standard Gaseous Electronics Conference (GEC) reference cell. Two main periods of interest stand out. The local sheath induced by the biasing and(More)
An integrated, extensible, full featured inductively coupled plasma (ICP) reactor simulation environment with a 2D feature scale etch simulator is presented. It incorporates tool scale plasma chemistry and feature scale trench evolution. Flexibility is achieved by software plugins for gas phase and surface reaction models that can be freely adapted and(More)
In this article, the performance of a self-organizing migration algorithm (SOMA), a new stochastic optimization algorithm, has been compared with simulated annealing (SA) and differential evolution (DE) for an engineering application. This application is the automated deduction of 14 Fourier terms in a radio-frequency (RF) waveform to tune a Langmuir probe.(More)
Fabrication of periodic nanodot or nanocolumn arrays on surfaces is performed by top-down lithographic procedures or bottom-up self-assembly methods, which both make use of plasma etching to transfer the periodic pattern. Could plasma etching alone act as an assembly--organization method to create the pattern and then transfer it to the substrate? We(More)
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