Alec Eidsath

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OBJECT Syringomyelia causes progressive myelopathy. Most patients with syringomyelia have a Chiari I malformation of the cerebellar tonsils. Determination of the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying the progression of syringomyelia associated with the Chiari I malformation should improve strategies to halt progression of myelopathy. METHODS The(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether human endotoxemia is associated with a loss of the physiologic beat-to-beat variability of heart rate. DESIGN Prospective, randomized, crossover, single-blind study. SETTING Clinical research center in a federal, nonuniversity hospital. SUBJECTS Healthy volunteers. INTERVENTIONS Intravenous administration of reference(More)
A chimeric protein (ERaeq) comprised of the invariant chain (Ii) of class II major histocompatability complex (MHC-II) and aequorin was localized in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) of transfected human embryonal kidney 293 cells. The targeted aequorin resided in the lumen of the ER membrane system, including the nuclear cistern, and following addition of the(More)
We have reported that low frequency stimulation (1 Hz for 15 min), applied after kindling stimulation of the amygdala, inhibited the development and expression of amygdala-kindled seizures, an effect we termed quenching. Subsequently, we discovered that this effect could only be achieved when certain stimulators were used that also emitted a low-level(More)
Subject motion during brain imaging studies can adversely affect the images through loss of resolution and other artifacts related to movement. We have developed and tested a device to measure head motion externally in real-time during emission computed tomographic (ECT) brain imaging studies, to be used eventually to correct ECT data for that motion. The(More)
Anisotropy of mouse and human skin is investigated in vivo using polarized videoreflectometry. An incident beam (linearly polarized, wavelength 650 nm) is focused at the sample surface. Two types of tissuelike media are used as controls to verify the technique: isotropic delrin and highly anisotropic demineralized bone with a priori knowledge of(More)
Ibuprofen has been shown in vitro to modulate production of nitric oxide (NO), a mediator of sepsis-induced hypotension. We sought to determine whether ibuprofen alters NO production and, thereby, vascular tone, in normal and endotoxin-challenged volunteers. Techniques for detecting NO were validated in 17 subjects infused with sodium nitroprusside, a NO(More)
In order to understand the importance of cell attachment to HIV-1 Tat, we quantified the strength of cell attachment to immobilized Tat in microtiter plate wells by the application of buoyant force. By replacing the attachment medium with dense medium, and subjecting the attached cells in the microtiter plates to centrifugal force in the conventional(More)
In this paper we present preliminary results obtained for tissue-like phantoms and ex vivo tissue slabs using a prototype system for CW infrared fluorescence imaging of fluorescent markers. Besides the design of the experimental system itself, we have developed a theoretical model of photon migration under experimental conditions and associated 3D(More)
Most analyses of Brownian flocculation apply to conditions where London-van der Waals attractive forces cause particles to be strongly bound in a deep interparticle potential well. In this paper, results are reported that show the interaction between primary- and secondary-minimum flocculation when the interparticle potential curve reflects both attractive(More)