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In real-time systems, dynamic inconsistencies of software are hardly detected, diagnosed and handled. A built-in test (BIT) method is developed to cope with software dynamic inconsistency. BIT is defined as a new kind of software testing which is explicitly described in object-oriented source code as member functions. BITs can be activated at any designed(More)
Experiences are reported in the use of ISO 15504 both in tailoring the standard for particular industrial sectors and in expanding the process assessment approach into new domains. In particular, three projects are discussed: • SPiCE for SPACE, a ISO/IEC TR 15504 [IS98a] conformant method of software process assessment developed for the European space(More)
A survey has been designed to seek the practical foundation of base process activities (BPAs) in the software industry and to support research in modelling the software engineering processes. A superset of BPAs [l] compatible with the current software process models, such as SPICE (IS0 15504) CMM, IS0 9000 and BOOTSTRAP [2-31, were identified for(More)
A series of surveys has been designed and conducted in order to seek the practical foundations of the base process activities in the software industry and to support and validate the current software process models. As a basis, a superset of 444 base process activities (BPAs) modelled in current process models, such as CMM, ISO 9000, BOOTSTRAP, SPICE and(More)
Software Process Improvement is generally regarded a key to economic success by increasing the quality of software systems, accelerating time-to-market and decreasing development costs. Component-based software engineering , as an emerging development paradigm, targets very similar goals by focusing on the assembly of software systems from components and(More)