Alec Barrett

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The human disease Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome results from defective biogenesis of lysosome-related organelles (LROs) and can be caused by mutations in subunits of the BLOC-1 complex. Here we show that C. elegans glo-2 and snpn-1, despite relatively low levels of amino acid identity, encode Pallidin and Snapin BLOC-1 subunit homologues, respectively. BLOC-1(More)
It has been possible to demonstrate the complete absence of either charged tRNA(Glu) or charged tRNA(Val) at 42 degrees by the use of two stringent strains of E. coli, one temperature-sensitive for glutamyl-tRNA synthetase and the other temperature-sensitive for valyl-tRNA synthetase. In both strains, stable RNA synthesis ceases, and guanosine(More)
LYST-1 is a Caenorhabditis elegans BEACH domain containing protein (BDCP) homologous to LYST and NBEAL2, BDCPs controlling organelle biogenesis that are implicated in human disease. Unlike the three other BDCPs encoded by C. elegans, mutations in lyst-1 lead to smaller lysosome-related organelles (LROs), smaller lysosomes, increased numbers of LROs and(More)
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