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In a study of the urine after urological operations, quantitative bacteriological criteria for the diagnosis of infection were determined. The bacteria responsible for urinary infection after urological or gynaecological procedures sometimes came from the same patient, but more often came from other patients by cross-infection. The principal final route of(More)
OBJECTIVES A case-control study was undertaken to examine the association of cyclic mastopathy with premenstrual syndrome and prior breast health. STUDY DESIGN A total of 34 women with severe cyclic mastopathy (cases) and 29 women with no significant breast symptoms (controls) prospectively recorded breast pain and swelling and symptoms of premenstrual(More)
Physicians in Europe are likely to see more African trypanosomiasis cases because of the increasing popularity of travel to Africa. In this paper the literature on imported cases in Europe, since 2005 is reviewed. Because of the high mortality risk associated with acute Rhodesian trypanosomiasis, travellers should be informed about preventive measures and(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was designed to examine the contribution of plasma lipids to the pathophysiology of cyclic mastopathy, before and after consideration of diet and sex hormones. STUDY DESIGN Thirty-four women with severe cyclic mastopathy (case patients) and 29 women without cyclic mastopathy (control subjects) recorded their breast symptoms daily(More)