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This paper investigates a robust 1-bit static full adder using FinFET at near-threshold region (NTR), a design space where the supply voltage is approximately equal to the threshold voltage of the transistors. This region provides minimum-energy point for the different frequency of operation with more favorable performance and variability characteristics.(More)
Field programmable gate array (FPGA) consumes significant dynamic and static power consumption due to the presence of additional logic for flexibility compared to application specific integrated circuits (ASICs). The cost of ASICs is rising exponentially in deep submicron and hence it is important to investigate ways of reducing FPGA power consumption so(More)
Due to aggressive scaling and process imperfection in sub-45 nm technology node V<inf>t</inf> (threshold voltage) shift is more pronounced causing large variations in circuit response. Therefore, this paper presents the analyses of various popular XOR/XNOR circuits in light of PVT (process, voltage and temperature) variations to verify their functionality(More)
This paper intends to present some important theoretical and practical results that we faced during setting up a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) server with the well known open source VoIP server Asterisk. For a fully functional voice exchange we require to set up a server based on Asterisk, connecting clients to the server with the help of soft/hard(More)
This paper presents a technique to mitigate the impact of threshold voltage variation on digital circuit. The proposed technique increases logic depth by incorporating a transmission gate (TG) in the critical path of full adder architecture. It offers 1.04&#x00D7; improvement in EDP (energy-delay product) incurring 1.04&#x00D7; penalty in tp (propagation(More)
This paper is intended to present theoretical and implementation details of various important features that are generally associated with an Asterisk based Voice Exchange i.e. Conferencing, Paging and Voice mailing. Besides this we will be concentrating on the web based approach for the configuration of the hard phones that will be used at the clients end.(More)
Subthreshold circuits are an ideal choice for ultra low power, moderate throughput applications. In subthreshold region to meet the ultra-low power requirement of energy constrained devices, supply voltage less than the threshold voltage is applied. At same frequency, subthreshold circuits show orders of magnitude power saving over superthreshold circuits.(More)
CNFET is generally considered to be one of the most appealing next generation transistors because of its high current carrying capacity and ballistic transport property. This paper investigates the performance analysis of Dual-X Current Conveyor with the CNFET technology, by varying the CNT diameter at 32nm technology node. Current Bandwidth, Input and(More)
This paper presents the design of a wide bandwidth high performance CMOS realization of dual-output second generation current conveyor (CCII&#x0B1;) at 32nm technology node. HSPICE simulation shows that voltage and current bandwidths in excess of 10GHz are obtained, thus making the module quite suitable for applications in the microwave range of(More)
The advancement in IC technology has led the recent trend of designing hybrid systems to benefit both analog and the digital world. Among analog building blocks, Multifunctional filters &amp; Multiphase oscillator constitutes an important building block. We propose a novel current mode digitally programmable multifunctional filter and deduce a programmable(More)