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BACKGROUND We evaluated the serum b2-MG concentration and CD4 lymphocytes in the blood of HCV infected patients during IFN-a therapy, searching for a correlation between b2-MG concentration, CD4 lymphocytes, and therapy effectiveness, as well as morphological changes in the liver. MATERIAL/METHODS 24 patients with chronic HCV infection were treated with(More)
The significance of trace elements in the aetiopathogenesis of ALS is still unknown. Magnesium plays an essential role in fundamental cellular reactions. The aim of this study was to estimate total magnesium concentration in serum and cerebrospinal fluid of ALS patients. 15 persons with ALS and 12 controls took part in the examination. Magnesium was(More)
UNLABELLED Modern management of pregnancies complicated by maternal diabetes mellitus has in view delivery at term an healthy child with correct body mass and in good metabolic condition. THE AIM Of our work was estimation of influence of intensive prenatal and diabetical cares on frequency of occurrence of failures and complications at newborns of(More)
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