Aldo Tagliani

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Stieltjes moment problem is considered to recover a probability density function from the knowledge of its infinite sequence of ordinary moments. The approximate density is obtained through maximum entropy technique, under the constraint of few fractional moments. The latter are numerically obtained from the infinite sequence of ordinary moments and are(More)
1. Introduction In Applied Sciences a variety of problems, formulated in terms of linear boundary values or integral equations, leads to a Hausdorff moment problem. Such a problem arises when a given sequence of real numbers may be represented as the moments around the origin of non-negative measure, defined on a finite interval, typically [0, 1]. The(More)
In the present paper we explore the problem for pricing discrete barrier options utilizing the Black–Scholes model for the random movement of the asset price. We postulate the problemas a path integral calculation by choosing approach that is similar to the quadrature method. Thus, the problem is reduced to the estimation of a multi-dimensional integral(More)
The polarization data of the radio galaxy NGC4869, belonging to the Coma cluster and located in its central region, allow us to obtain information on the structure of magnetic field associated with the cluster itself. A magnetic field of ∼ 8.5 μG, tangled on scales of the order of less than 1 kpc, is required to explain the observed fluctuations of the(More)