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Three total and three partial callosotomy patients underwent neuropsychological testing to evaluate interhemispheric transfer of tactile information. Tactile transfer is required to name objects presented to the left hand, to compare objects held in either hand, and to transfer topological information between hands. Tactile Naming, Same-Different(More)
It is now common knowledge that the total surgical section of the corpus callosum (CC) and of the other forebrain commissures prevents interhemispheric transfer (IT) of a host of mental functions. By contrast, IT of simple sensorimotor functions, although severely delayed, is not abolished, and an important question concerns the pathways subserving this(More)
Human brain studies have shown that the cutaneous receptors of trunk regions close to the midline are represented in the first somatosensory cortex (SI) of both hemispheres. The present study aims to establish whether in humans, as in non-human primates, the bilateral representation of the trunk midline in area SI depends on the corpus callosum. Data were(More)
This study investigated the redundant target effect (RTE) in partial split-brain (anterior section sparing the splenium), total split-brain, and neurologically intact individuals. All completed an RTE protocol in which targets were presented on the midline or in an inter- or intrahemispheric manner. Stimuli of different nature (luminance, equiluminant(More)
We explored the efficacy and safety of bilateral SubThalamic Nucleus (STN) stimulation in two subjects suffering from drug-resistant epilepsy even after anterior callosotomy. Case 1 had about 65% decrease of partial motor seizures and the complete disappearance of tonic-clonic generalized attacks. Case 2, with sudden drop (atonic) attacks, partial complex(More)
The aim of the present study was to ascertain whether patients affected by solitary nodular disease of the thyroid or multinodular goiter had a different clinical outcome when treated with suppressive levo-thyroxine (L-T4) therapy rather than replacement L-T4 therapy. We evaluated, by a retrospective analysis, 36 patients who had received TSH-suppressive(More)
Low activity genetic variants of acid phosphatase (ACP1) are positively associated with extreme body mass deviations in obese subjects. The same pattern has been found in non-diabetic children, in diabetic pregnant women, and in non-diabetic adult subjects. Low activity variants of ACP1 also show a positive association with family history of obesity,(More)
Prolonged ingestion of liquorice is a well-known cause of hypertension due to hypermineralocorticoidism. We describe 2 cases of hypertension encephalopathy (in addition to the classical symptoms of hypertension, hypokalemia and suppression of the renin-aldosterone system) which resulted in pseudohyperaldosteronism syndrome due to the regular daily intake of(More)
Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) can provide more detailed in vivo information on the structural preservation of transected white matter tracts than conventional imaging methods. Here we show for the first time tracks of severed callosal fibers up to 17 years from resection. Five patients subjected to complete or partial callosotomy several years before the(More)
OBJECTIVE In recent years anti-phospholipid antibodies have gained much attention since they are frequently associated with thrombosis, recurrent abortion, and thrombocytopenia. Besides disease-specific autoantibodies, other autoantibodies reactive with both organ and non-organ specific autoantigens have been found in patients with autoimmune thyroid(More)