Aldo Hoeben

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Families with working parents have busy and mobile lives. This typically causes a lot of friction in their schedules. This paper discusses two conceptual information appliances for scheduling and coordinating based on this friction and designed from user studies in the lives of these families.The interaction principles of the designs are based on a friction(More)
Current interfaces for electronic page-based documents, such as books or magazines, offer support for navigation based on explicit reference (hyperlinks) or page-numbers. These methods don't resemble the view of page-content a reader has when browsing paper documents. In this paper we describe a method for navigation based on the coarse mental image readers(More)
In the conceptual phase of a project, industrial designers do a lot of sketching. In this early phase the immediacy and flexibility of traditional media are preferred over the possibilities that computer tools offer. This video presents ways in which a computer-supported sketching tool can improve support for a designer at those stages. Three scenarios each(More)
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