Aldo Fortuna

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The records of 137 patients with supratentorial oligodendroglioma treated surgically between 1953 and 1986 were reviewed. The tumors were rated histologically benign or malignant. In the 105 patients followed up with a minimum observation time of 5 years to December 1991, the mean postoperative survival was 90.2 months (standard error, 9), the median 64(More)
Of the 62 patients with intramedullary spinal cord ependymoma treated surgically at our Neurosurgery Division between January 1951 and December 1990 45 had a follow-up of at least 3 years and the longest 30 years. The 28 conus-cauda equina-filum ependymomas operated during the same period are not considered in this study. An analysis of our cases and of the(More)
Twenty-two cases of unusual intracranial meningioma associated with a cyst are reported and 144 published cases reviewed. The complex mechanisms leading to the formation of the cyst within the meningioma are analyzed on the basis of the surgical and histopathological evidence. The neuroradiological features (Computed Tomography and Angiography) which supply(More)
A series of 7 cases of PCA aneurysm treated between 1978 and 1992 were analytically reviewed together with 79 cases culled from the literature. In comparison to those localized elsewhere, PCA aneurysms are more frequently large, more frequently present with tumour-like symptoms and appear at an earlier age. Surgical outcome was evaluated in relation to(More)
Intramedullary glioblastomas are uncommon tumors. They occur chiefly in the cervicothoracic segments, have a slight tendency to occur in the early decades of life, and have a short clinical history before diagnosis. We report seven cases and discuss the salient features of these tumors, particularly the pathological features and treatment, in light of the(More)
Cerebral saccular aneurysms are rare in early childhood. Seventy-one cases in children under 5 years of age found in the literature, plus one case of our own, are analyzed. In early childhood these aneurysms seem to have features that distinguish them from the same variety in adults. In children a congenital pathogenesis appears more convincing because of(More)
Twenty patients with fourth ventricle ependymoma were treated surgically at our Neurosurgery Division between January 1976 and December 1990. Ependymoblastomas and mixed gliomas operated on in the same period have not been considered. A statistical analysis of our cases and a review of the largest published series show that favourable prognostic factors(More)
The clinical findings and the results of surgical treatment in 16 patients with spinal dermoid or epidermoid tumors are reported. In 9 patients the tumor capsule adhered so tightly to the nervous tissue that part of it was left in situ. In a follow-up study ranging from 5 to 30 years with a mean of 14.2 years only 1 patient had a recurrence of the tumor and(More)
The authors report six cases of so-called spinal subdural arachnoid cysts, emphasizing the clinical and myelographic findings which, if not properly evaluated, may be misleading diagnostically. The literature of so-called perineural cysts and of extradural arachnoid cysts is likewise reviewed. Their clinical, roentgenological, and pathological features are(More)