Aldo Eloizo Job

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Electronic microscopy has been used for morphology evaluation of different materials structures. However, microscopy results may be affected by several factors. Image processing methods can be used to correct and improve the quality of these results. In this article, we propose an algorithm based on starlets to perform the segmentation of scanning electron(More)
Manual identification of fission tracks has practical problems, such as variation due to observer-observation efficiency. An automatic processing method that could identify fission tracks in a photomicrograph could solve this problem and improve the speed of track counting. However, separation of non-trivial images is one of the most difficult tasks in(More)
This study consolidates Multi-Level Starlet Segmentation (MLSS) and Multi-Level Starlet Optimal Segmentation (MLSOS), techniques for photomicrograph segmentation that use starlet wavelet detail levels to separate areas of interest in an input image. Several segmentation levels can be obtained using Multi-Level Starlet Segmentation; after that, Matthews(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the effects of immobilization, free remobilization and remobilization by physical exercise about mechanical properties of skeletal muscle of rats of two age groups. METHODS 56 Wistar rats divided into two groups according to age, an adult group (five months) and an older group (15 months). These groups were subdivided in: control,(More)
Image segmentation, the process of separating the elements within an image , is frequently used for obtaining information from photomicrographs. However, segmentation methods should be used with reservations: incorrect segmentation can mislead when interpreting regions of interest (ROI), thus decreasing the success rate of additional procedures. Multi-Level(More)
Magnetite decorated with gold nanoparticles (Fe3O4-AuNPs) is a ferrimagnetic material with unprecedented applications in immunosensors, as a contrast agent for imaging diagnosis, and for the photothermal ablation of tumor cells. Here, we show the preparation of controlled amounts of Fe3O4-AuNPs without organic solvents, surfactants, or heat treatment. For(More)
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