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We propose a novel iterative method, similar to the generalized Blahut-Arimoto algorithm recently proposed by Kavcic, to evaluate the Markov capacity of a continuous phase modulated signal over an additive white Gaussian noise channel. One of the novelty of our approach is that we maximize, with respect to the input distribution, the spectral efficiency in(More)
We compare four different multi-carrier schemes in a discrete-time, oversampled domain over doubly-selective channels. We find that all the schemes can be implemented in a reduced complexity way, resorting to suitable fast transforms like DFT, DCT, or DST. For all models we assume either a rectangular base pulse or a properly designed prototype pulse,(More)
We compare low-complexity schemes for soft-output detection of continuous phase modulations (CPMs). In particular, we address the problem of minimizing the complexity of the front end filters and that of the trellis exploited by the detection algorithm, with the aim of assuring a negligible performance degradation with respect to the optimal full-complexity(More)
In future 2nd-generation digital video broadcasting (DVB-S2) receivers working in ACM (Adaptive Coded Modulation) mode, an unknown residual gain must be estimated before the low-density parity-check (LDPC) decoding stage. Moreover, the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) has to be estimated also, since the iterative decoding algorithms, such as those employed to(More)
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