Aldis L Putniņs

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The correlates and predictors of suicidal behaviors among 900 young offenders in detention centers in South Australia are investigated. That young offenders are a high-risk population is confirmed, with a quarter of the youths reporting recent suicidal ideation and more than a quarter reporting having made a suicide attempt. Past suicide attempts are(More)
The relationships of conduct problems, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) signs, and depression to substance use were examined between 1994 and 1999 among 900 incarcerated young offenders in South Australia, 206 of whom were reassessed when later readmitted to secure care. At the first and second assessments, conduct problems, ADHD signs, and(More)
The Adolescent Alcohol Involvement Scale (AAIS) has been questioned regarding its reliability, the amount of common variance among items and its clinical usefulness. Previous studies are reviewed and data for 197 South Australian young offenders in custody are presented. The AAIS was found to be a reliable and internally consistent measure of adolescent(More)
The problem considered is whether self-reported substance use can be used in the estimation of recidivism risk among youths placed in secure care. The Secure Care Psychosocial Screening (SECAPS) and offending records of 447 youths admitted to detention centres in South Australia were examined. The target outcome was any new offending within 6 months of(More)
The influence of Victim Awareness Program (VAP) attendance on the sociomoral reasoning maturity of juvenile delinquents was investigated. Subjects were inmates (aged 14-18 years) of two youth secure-care centers in Adelaide, South Australia. The treatment group (n = 23) attended sessions at which victims of crime and/or representatives from agencies closely(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate alcohol use and abuse among young offenders. DESIGN A questionnaire survey. SETTING Two centres in Adelaide used for the custodial care of young offenders. PARTICIPANTS All consecutive admissions involving stays of more than 24 hours. All subjects were adjudicated delinquents. Usable questionnaires were obtained from 197 of(More)
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