Alden Conner

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BACKGROUND Developing neural networks display spontaneous and correlated rhythmic bursts of action potentials that are essential for circuit refinement. In the spinal cord, it is poorly understood how correlated activity is acquired and how its emergence relates to the formation of the spinal central pattern generator (CPG), the circuit that mediates(More)
The self-incompatibility response involves S allele-specific recognition between stigmatic S proteins and incompatible pollen. This response results in pollen inhibition. Defining the amino acid residues within the stigmatic S proteins that participate in S allele-specific inhibition of incompatible pollen is essential for the elucidation of the molecular(More)
The self-incompatibility response involves S-allele specific recognition between stigmatic S proteins and incompatible pollen, resulting in S-specific pollen inhibition. In Papaver rhoeas, the pollen S gene product is predicted to be a receptor that interacts with the stigmatic S protein in an S specific manner. We recently identified an S protein binding(More)
Inter-individual behavioral variation is thought to increase fitness and aid adaptation to environmental change, but the underlying mechanisms are poorly understood. We find that variation between individuals in neuromodulatory input contributes to individuality in short-term habituation of the zebrafish (Danio Rerio) acoustic startle response (ASR). ASR(More)
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