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We conducted an investigation of two outbreaks of poliomyelitis in Angola during 2007-2008 due to wild poliovirus (WPV) genetically linked to India. A case-control study including 27 case-patients and 76 age- and neighborhood-matched control-subjects was conducted to assess risk factors associated with paralytic poliomyelitis, and epidemiologic links to(More)
The European Central Bank (ECB) conducts the monetary policy in the euro area, with the primary objective of maintaining price stability. It also contributes to other ESCB tasks such as the conduct of foreign exchange operations, the oversight of payment systems and the stability of the financial system [1] [2]. The performance of these tasks requires a(More)
INTRODUCTION As the polio eradication effort enters the end game stage, surveillance for Acute Flaccid Paralysis in children becomes a pivotal tool. Thus given the gaps in AFP surveillance as identified in the cases of late notification, this study was designed to explore the reasons and circumstances responsible for late notification of AFP and collection(More)
The proponents of lean production have pointed to the positive effects of the work organization on employees in terms of autonomy, enhanced skills and empowerment mainly by their participation into the continuous improvement of work process. But studies that have examined this issue suggest that the increase in autonomy is not sufficient to compensate for(More)
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