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BACKGROUND Cancer of the esophagus and gastric cardia cause progressive dysphagia. Half of patients are not amenable to surgical resection; of those who are, about 20% will suffer either from local recurrence or anastomotic strictures. Self-expandable metallic stents of diverse characteristics have been used in these clinical conditions. However, expandable(More)
BACKGROUND The present study was designed to determine the diagnostic usefulness of videoduodenoscopic inspection alone and the addition of vital dye staining in the detection of celiac disease. We additionally sought to evaluate interobserver agreement for specific duodenoscopic markers of mucosal atrophy. METHODS One hundred sixty-seven consecutive(More)
OBJECTIVE Refractory sprue is a rare and severe malabsorptive disorder that mimics celiac disease but is refractory to a gluten-free diet and is without initial evidence of overt lymphoma. Treatment is largely empiric and often ineffective, with steroids and immunosuppression being the mainstream therapeutic options. The aim of this study was to evaluate(More)
BACKGROUND Benign, refractory esophageal strictures are an important therapeutic challenge. Metallic self-expandable stents developed to treat malignant strictures have occasionally been used in the treatment of benign stenoses. This is a report of the use of 14 esophageal metallic stents in 10 patients with severe benign strictures. METHODS Ten patients(More)
It is possible that behavioral dysfunction, including cognitive, perceptual and psychomotor impairments in hypertensive subjects, can be the result of the high blood pressure. The aim of this study was to evaluate the performance of the spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) in the acquisition and execution of tasks in an 8-arm radial maze. Male Wistar(More)
OBJECTIVE Several studies have demonstrated that chronic exposure to gluten may damage the structure and function of the gastric mucosa in gluten-sensitive patients. However, until now, these abnormalities have been incompletely studied. Our purpose in the present study was to characterize, in a prospective controlled study, the endoscopic and histological(More)
OBJECTIVE Early studies revealed that up to 50% of non-atrophic, first-degree relatives of celiac disease patients exhibit features of gluten sensitivity. However, whether these features progress to a fully expressed celiac disease remain partially known. Our aim was to report two new patients resulting from a prospective, long-term surveillance of(More)
UNLABELLED Botulinum toxin (BoTox) is a potent inhibitor of the release of acetylcholine from terminal nerves and has been used successfully in spastic disorders of skeletal muscle. Its used for the treatment of disorders of gastrointestinal smooth muscle has recently been explored. In this study we evaluated the efficacy of transendoscopic injection of(More)
Nineteen patients with dysphagia were treated by endoscopic injection of ethanol, to induce tumoral necrosis. Dysphagia was present in patients with inoperable, unresectable or recurrent esophagogastric cancer. Prior treatment, patients had a mean dysphagia grade of 3.22. After the first session, they had a mean of 2.05. An optimum dysphagia grade mean was(More)