Alcione M. dos Santos

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the association between hypertriglyceridemic waist (HW) and cardiometabolic risk factors in women with hypertension. METHODS A cross-sectional study was performed in 218 patients monitored by HiperDia (Enrollment and Monitoring Program for Hypertensive and Diabetic Individuals) in two health units in São Luis, MA, Brazil. The(More)
BACKGROUND Studies suggest that the pain response may be evaluated using pupillometry and is influenced by factors such as gender and anxiety. OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to use pupillometry to observe the effects of gender and anxiety on the pain response. STUDY DESIGN A randomized, prospective, clinical and interventional study. SETTING(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the clinical usefulness of serum cystatin C (Scys) and cystatin C-based equations for the screening of chronic kidney disease in primary hypertensive patients, and correlate these markers with risk factors for cardiovascular disease. METHODS A cross-sectional study was performed in 199 middle-aged adults at a basic health unit.(More)
The aim of this study was to estimate the prevalence of asthma and associated factors among students 13 and 14 years of age in São Luís, Maranhão State, Brazil. A cross-sectional study was conducted using the questionnaire developed by ISAAC (International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood) and an additional questionnaire from July 2008 to May(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the applicability of the RACHS-1 (Risk Adjustment in Congenital Heart Surgery) as a predictor of surgical mortality in a pediatric population of a public hospital of the Northeast of Brazil. METHODS From June 2001 through June 2004, 145 patients undergone surgical treatment of CHD in our institution of whom(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiac disorders are very common in individuals with chronic kidney disease and are associated with morbimortality. OBJECTIVE To evaluate cardiac alterations after kidney transplantation. METHODS We prospectively evaluated 40 patients with chronic kidney disease, immediately before and one month, three months and six months after kidney(More)
This study used probabilistic record linkage to estimate underreporting of stillbirths and infant deaths in Maranhão State, Northeast Brazil, in 2008. Records were linked between the Hospital Information System (SIH) (N = 374,418) and the Mortality Information System (SIM) (N = 26,597), using data extraction, identification, and processing software.(More)
Bariatric surgery may cause frequent vomiting episodes and gastroesophageal reflux, which promote the contact of gastric acids with the teeth leading to irreversible loss of tooth structure. The aim of this study was to assess prevalence of tooth wear in bariatric patients. One hundred and twenty-five patients were examined at a Public Hospital in São Luis,(More)
1 Universidade Federal do Maranhão, Hospital Universitário Presidente Dutra, Serviço de Nefrologia. São Luís, MA, Brasil. 2 Universidade Federal do Maranhão, Programa de Pós-graduação em Saúde Coletiva. São Luís, MA, Brasil. 3 Universidade Federal do Maranhão, Centro de Ciências da Saúde, Departamento de Saúde Pública. São Luís, MA, Brasil. 4 Universidade(More)
INTRODUCTION Renal transplantation is regarded as the best treatment for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. Factors associated to survival of renal transplant recipients must be evaluated in order to implement appropriate conducts in these patients. AIMS To analyze the renal transplant patients survival and associated factors to their mortality. (More)