Alcino Lázaro da Silva

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PURPOSE To elaborate an animal model with the objective of studying the continence of the biological valves surgically performed in the left colon of rats. METHODS Thirty four rats were operated on and divided into three groups (G). G1 (sham) animals which underwent laparotomy only; G2 (perineal amputation without valves): animals which underwent(More)
A survey was conducted to identify some patient's characteristics and perceptions related to senile cataract and delivery of cataract care. The patients were diagnosed by means of ophthalmic examination carried out on a Rehabilitation of the Aged Campaign at the Hospital das Clínicas of the University of São Paulo Medical School. A questionnaire was(More)
The pathological changes observed in 76 hernial sacs removed at operations for inguinal hernias are reported. The shape and size of hernial sacs varied from case to case, containing from small to large amounts of adipose tissue and, sometimes, also of smooth muscle. The role played by this muscular tissue is not yet clear; it is possible that it acts as(More)
INTRODUCTION For a few decades the long-term use of proton pump inhibitors has had wide application in the treatment of several gastrointestinal diseases. Since then, however, several studies have called attention to the possible development of anatomical and pathological changes of gastric mucosa, resulting from the long term use of this therapeutic(More)
BACKGROUND The intestinal interpositions are important in various operations of the digestive tract. However, they are capable to produce serious immediate and late complications. AIM To compare clinical and surgical outcomes, as well as intestinal pathological findings, in dogs submitted to jejunum and colon interposition. METHODS Forty male mongreal(More)
T he spleen, since antiquity, is an organ little known in its duties 1,3. We conclude that all its physiological role is not known; but what is known, is that it is essential, verified through other means, by post-splenectomy sepsis for example 4,5. Anatomical studies developed by Neder, AM 7 and Zapala, A. 26 , guided by DiDio and anatomical dissections by(More)