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Dupuytren's disease (DD) is a progressive fibromatosis that causes the formation of nodules and cords in the palmar aponeurosis leading to flexion contracture of affected fingers. The etiopathogenesis is multifactorial with a strong genetic predisposition. It is the most frequent genetic disorder of connective tissues. We have collected clinical data from(More)
Regarding experimental data on the multi-factorial reduction of the thermostability of collagen, the following sequence of the mechanism of Dupuytren's contracture is discussed: 1. Hereditary or acquired weakness of fibres of the palmar fascia 2. Further disturbance of the physical property of collagen by the cumulative effects of mechanical, i.e.(More)
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  • 1999
More than 20 years ago, the author formulated the proposition "extension inhibition instead of contraction" to explain the pathogenesis of Dupuytren's disease. This concept and the limited surgery derived from it are presented with preliminary long-term results. The tissue dynamics at the palmodigital zone were investigated. Subcutaneous microdissection and(More)
Areas of disordered fibrillar structure similar to kinking deformities have been observed in specimens from ruptured tendons. It seems possible to compare this phenomenon with experimentally produced deformations. The significance for the pathomechanics of tendon rupture is discussed. In Exzisaten aus dem Rupturbereich von Sehnen wurden fibrilläre(More)
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  • 1998
The palmar fibromatosis holds the finger in the flexed position--extension inhibition rather than contraction. According to this extrinsic concept, only a passive, secondarily reactive effect can be attributed to the palmar aponeurosis. Out of 72 hands examined 5 or more years after an operation in which the aponeurosis had been left intact, 47% proved to(More)
auf das Prinzip des Laminar air flow ein; d. h. die Anwendung der sog. turbulenzarmen oder kolbenfSrmigen Verdr/~ngungsstrSmung, die prim/~r eine vSllige Keimfreiheit im Operationssaal ermSgl/eht und allenfalls in die Raumluft abgegebene Partikel oder Keime binnen Sekunden wegfiihrt. In Tabellen werden eigene Partikelund Keimpegelmessungen in konventionell(More)
Banded fibrous associates are described in the extracellular space of connective tissue from human endometrium, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and of tendon rupture. In the cases of morbus Dupuytren these associates are also found as intracellular inclusions. The banded structures are interpreted as states of an enzymatically induced degradation of collagen in(More)
The first part of the film demonstrates by means of graphic representation the various clinical manifestations of primary hyperparathyroidism. The second part deals with diagnostic measures, such as biochemical serum analyses, X-ray studies, bone biopsy and renal tubular function tests, e.g. phosphate clearance and reabsorption and cAMP excretion in the(More)
Im untersuchten Unfallgut stehen die Verkehrsunf/ille als grSBte und waehsende Gruppe mit 48,15°/o vor den Unf/illen des t/igliehen Lebens (39,8°/o). Die sehwere Seh/idel-Hirnverletzung mug bei den Verkehrsunf/illen in 78,7o/o, bei den Unf/illen des t/iglichen Lebens dagegen nur in 50°/o als Todesursache angesehen werden. Der sehwere Verkehrsunfall betraf(More)