Albrecht M Kellerer

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For an assessment of the possible difference in effectiveness between mammography X rays and conventional X rays, the energy and LET spectra of the released electrons are examined. At photon energies below 20 keV and above 100 keV, the energy of the electrons increases with increasing photon energy, which implies that higher-energy photons produce less(More)
A simplified method for the calculation of mammalian cell survival after charged particle irradiation is presented that is based on the track structure model of Scholz and Kraft [1, 2]. Utilizing a modified linear-quadratic relation for the x-ray survival curve, one finds that the model yields linear-quadratic relations also for heavy ion irradiation. If(More)
Rearrangements of the ret oncogene were investigated in papillary thyroid carcinomas (PTC) from 51 Belarussian children with a mean age of 3 years at the time of the Chernobyl radiation accident. For comparison, 16 PTC from exposed Belarussian adults and 16 PTC from German patients without radiation history were included in the study. ret rearrangements(More)
Petridou et al. [1] have reported an increase in infant leukemia in Greek children born between 1/7/86 and 31/12/87 and have linked this increase to in utero radiation exposure due to the Chernobyl accident. Subsequently, Michaelis et al. [2] have reported a similar trend for Germany but found that it was not correlated to the levels of contamination. For(More)
This study is comprised of 1577 ankylosing spondylitis patients from 9 German hospitals who have been treated with multiple injections of (224)Ra. The majority of the patients, most of them treated in the years 1948-1975, received one series of 10 weekly intravenous injections of about 1 MBq of (224)Ra each. This dose leads to a mean absorbed dose due to(More)
Chromosome painting of chromosomes 1, 4 and 12 was performed on metaphase preparations of cultured thyroid cells to analyse the frequency of radiation-induced stable chromosome translocations in papillary thyroid carcinomas from 40 Belarussian children exposed to radioiodine from the Chernobyl accident, and from 31 reference case. As expected, we found the(More)
Predominantly from 1945 to 1955, a group of patients in Germany was treated with multiple injections of the short-lived alpha-particle emitter (224)Ra. The patients suffered from ankylosing spondylitis, tuberculosis and in a few cases from other diseases. The "Spiess study" (study I) follows up the health of 899 of these patients; it includes most of the(More)
The radiobiological effectiveness of 160 MeV protons was measured relative to -Co y-rays, using Chineee hamster cells cultured in o&o. Separate experiments were performed witb cells irradiated in sWpem&m, or attached to plastk tisslre culture flasks. Proton irradiations were performed in the incident plateau of the depth(More)
This is the second part of an investigation of microdosimetric concepts relevant to numerical calculations. Two different types of distributions of the microdosimetric quantities are discussed. The sampling procedures are considered, which lead from the initial pattern of enregy transfers, the so-called inchoate distribution, to the distribution of specific(More)
Thyroid carcinoma incidence is increased significantly after ionizing irradiation; however, the possible mechanisms have not yet been identified. To provide clues for an understanding of the radiation-induced transformation of thyroid epithelium, we analyzed the karyotypes of 56 childhood thyroid tumors that appeared in Belarus after the Chernobyl nuclear(More)