Albrecht Gnauck

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This study applied game theory based models to analyze and solve water conflicts concerning water allocation and nitrogen reduction in the Middle Route of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project in China. The game simulation comprised two levels, including one main game with five players and four sub-games with each containing three sub-players. We used(More)
This paper reports on very high speed large swing digital-to-analog converter (DAC) suiting the generation of spectrally efficient optical transmission signals. 2-bit and 3-bit DACS with up to 4 Vpp swing, operating up to 50 GBaud, have been fabricated using our InP DHBT technology (FT ~280 GHz, FMAX ~270 GHz, BVCE0 ~5 V). These chips have(More)
Data records with equidistant time intervals are fundamental prerequisites for the development of water quality simulation models. Usually long-term water quality data time series contain missing data or data with different sampling intervals. In such cases "artificial" data have to be added to obtain records based on a regular time grid. Generally, this(More)
This paper demonstrates a practical simulation approach to analyze domestic water demand and its future uncertainty in water scarce areas through a case study of Beijing, China. Analytic models and a forecasting model were constructed using statistic and econometric regression approaches. The analytic models were used to analyze the interrelationships(More)