Albrecht Gnauck

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This study applied game theory based models to analyze and solve water conflicts concerning water allocation and nitrogen reduction in the Middle Route of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project in China. The game simulation comprised two levels, including one main game with five players and four sub-games with each containing three sub-players. We used(More)
This paper reports on very high speed large swing digital-to-analog converter (DAC) suiting the generation of spectrally efficient optical transmission signals. 2-bit and 3-bit DACS with up to 4 Vpp swing, operating up to 50 GBaud, have been fabricated using our InP DHBT technology (FT ~280 GHz, FMAX ~270 GHz, BVCE0 ~5 V). These chips have(More)
In this paper results of a water quality modelling framework for riverine shallow lakes are presented. Based on investigations of interrelations between variables of freshwater quality by advanced time series analysis methods a process model for phosphorus remobilisation from lake sediments was developed. For predicting the changing water quality of shallow(More)
Data records with equidistant time intervals are fundamental prerequisites for the development of water quality simulation models. Usually long-term water quality data time series contain missing data or data with different sampling intervals. In such cases "artificial" data have to be added to obtain records based on a regular time grid. Generally, this(More)