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BACKGROUND To our knowledge, verum acupuncture has never been directly compared with sham acupuncture and guideline-based conventional therapy in patients with chronic low back pain. METHODS A patient- and observer-blinded randomized controlled trial conducted in Germany involving 340 outpatient practices, including 1162 patients aged 18 to 86 years (mean(More)
This prospective, randomised controlled trial, with three parallel groups, patient and observer blinded for verum and sham acupuncture and a follow up of 3 months raises the question: "Does a combination of acupuncture and conservative orthopedic treatment improve conservative orthopedic treatment in chronic low back pain (LBP). 186 in-patients of a LBP(More)
On November 8-9, 2007, the Society for Acupuncture Research (SAR) hosted an international conference to mark the tenth anniversary of the landmark National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Conference on Acupuncture. More than 300 acupuncture researchers, practitioners, students, funding agency personnel, and health policy analysts from 20(More)
BACKGROUND Our aim was to assess the efficacy of a part-standardised verum acupuncture procedure, in accordance with the rules of traditional Chinese medicine, compared with that of part-standardised sham acupuncture and standard migraine prophylaxis with beta blockers, calcium-channel blockers, or antiepileptic drugs in the reduction of migraine days 26(More)
Acupuncture treatment is frequently sought for tension-type headache (TTH), but there is conflicting evidence as to its effectiveness. This randomised, controlled, multicentre, patient-and observer-blinded trial was carried out in 122 outpatient practices in Germany on 409 patients with TTH, defined as > or =10 headache days per month of which < or =1(More)
UNLABELLED The German Randomized Acupuncture Trial for chronic shoulder pain (GRASP) comprised 424 outpatients with chronic shoulder pain (CSP) > or =6 weeks and an average pain score of VAS > or =50 mm, who were randomly assigned to receive Chinese acupuncture (verum), sham acupuncture (sham) or conventional conservative orthopaedic treatment (COT). The(More)
Since the last Cochrane review of acupuncture and headache in 2001, which found methodological and/or reporting shortcomings in the majority of the studies, several large, randomized trials on the effectiveness of acupuncture as a treatment for headache have been published. Following a brief overview of the pathophysiology of migraine and possible action(More)
BACKGROUND Acupuncture is a promising treatment approach in patients with chronic low back pain (cLBP) but little is known about the quality of acupuncture in randomized controlled trials (RCT) of acupuncture cLBP. - OBJECTIVE To determine how international experts (IES) rate the quality of acupuncture in RCTs of cLBP; independent international validation(More)
74 pop/rock/jazz musicians and 100 classical musicians were investigated by means of a specially designed questionnaire. Several social, musical, pain-, and health-related questions were asked. Pain of the musculoskeletal system was the main complaint of musicians in both group (75% classical; 64% rock-pop-jazz). Classical musicians suffer most from neck(More)
Over a period of 4 weeks we examined the reliability of spinal cord nerve potentials in the thoracic-lumbar region after stimulation of the hindpaw in 10 rats. Recording electrodes were chronically implanted over a period of 4 weeks into the lower thoracic and upper lumbar lamina by using an operation microscope. The action potentials were recorded at the(More)