Albrecht Encke

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OBJECTIVE To determine the value of repeat liver resection for recurrent colorectal metastases to the liver. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA Liver resection represents the best and a potentially curative treatment for metastatic colorectal cancer to the liver. After resection, however, most patients develop recurrent disease, often isolated to the liver. (More)
Die Arbeitsgemeinschaft Wissenschaftlicher Medizinischer Fachgesellschaften (AWMF) hat ein den Besonderheiten des deutschen Gesundheitswesens und dem Stand der klinischen Forschung gerecht werdendes nationales Leitlinienprogramm aufgebaut. Es besteht aus einem Entwicklungskonzept für Leitlinien und aus einem Implementierungssystem. Das Konzept der AWMF(More)
The presence of fetal cells in a maternal compartment is defined as fetal-maternal microchimerism, which has been detected in thyroids of mothers suffering from autoimmunity. We analyzed the immunohistology of paraffin-embedded thyroid specimen taken at surgery from 49 women with Hashimoto's thyroiditis (n = 25), Graves' disease (n = 15), or nodular or(More)
Cancer patients undergoing surgery are at a high risk of venous thromboembolism, but few studies have described the rate of autopsy-confirmed fatal pulmonary embolism after heparin thromboprophylaxis. In a post hoc analysis of a randomized study (MC-4), which compared the efficacy and safety of certoparin (3000 anti-Xa IU, subcutaneously, once-daily) with(More)
Introduction: The indication for performing a primary anastomosis or an intestinal stoma has to be confirmed or negated for every individual case of intestinal ischemia. Discussion: In right-sided colonic emergency, primary anastomosis is possible except when associated with generalized peritonitis. In left-sided colonic ischemia and necrosis, delayed(More)
BACKGROUND Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is the third most common cardiovascular condition, after myocardial infarction and stroke. Prophylactic measures in accordance with current guidelines can significantly reduce the risk of VTE and the associated morbidity and mortality. Until now, the German interdisciplinary, evidence- and consensus-based (S3)(More)
When analyzing original articles since the sixteenth century, it becomes apparent that all surgical techniques for repair of the inguinal hernial orifice can be traced back to two simple repair principles. The first is reinforcement of the anterior wall of the inguinal canal and tightening of the external inguinal ring (Stromayr 1559, Purmann 1694, Czerny(More)
Today the procedure of choice for long-term enteral tube feeding in patients with prolonged swallowing difficulties or inabilities is percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG). The primary indications are head and neck cancers, neurologic dysphagia, cancer cachexia, and obstruction of the esophagus and pharynx with enough space for an endoscopic procedure.(More)
BACKGROUND Resection of the spleen en bloc with the stomach for gastric cancer is still widely performed for a curative resection (R0), but the presence of the spleen may have a favorable effect on recurrence control and survival. The hypothesis that the spleen suppresses tumor growth from minimal residual disease in the critical early postsurgical period(More)
Erigeron canadensis L. (Compositeae), Solidago virga-aurea L. (Compositeae). The different parts of the plants subjected to experimentation were dried and ground: 1000ml boiling water were poured on 20 g powder, this solution was shaken and cooled to room temperature. The mixture was filtered under vacuum, and the volume of the infused substances obtained(More)