Albrecht Blaser

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Fast hätte man um 1980 glauben können, dass die funda-mentalen DB-Probleme zumindest " theoretisch " gelöst sind und dass eine friedliche " Koexistenz " der drei klassischen Datenmodelle – Hierarchie-, Netzwerk-und Relationenmo-dell – mit einer Vielzahl von Implementierungen eine aus-reichende Basis für die Lösung aller möglichen Datenhal-tungsprobleme(More)
To optimize the therapeutic approach to acute pyelonephritis (PNA), the medical records of 89 patients (73 women and 16 men) hospitalized with diagnosis of PNA between January 1984 and 1987 have been studied. According to routine bacteriological urinalysis, gram-negatives were found in more than 92% (E. coli in 79%, Proteus in 6%). Gram-positives were found(More)
The effect of active participation by means of a hand-mirror during gynecological examination was investigated in that three groups were formed: one that wanted and got the mirror, one that wanted the mirror but was not given it and thirdly refusers. The mirror leads to significantly greater satisfaction, which however does not override preexisting(More)
The psychodiagnostic indication for abortion was investigated by means of the MMPI in 251 women with unwanted pregnancy. The results showed: 1. that, independently of the MMPI, positive indications exhibited more obvious psychopathological distrubance than the negative indications; 2. that women with negative indications where in some ways psychologically(More)