Albrecht Blaser

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In a prospective longitudinal study over several years, 58 patients with breast cancer are compared to 52 patients with fibrocystic disease and 24 patients with mastodynia. Results of coping (as assessed with the Bernese Coping Modes) are presented for the illness course of the first 6 months: (1) There is considerable variation of coping depending on(More)
Fast hätte man um 1980 glauben können, dass die funda-mentalen DB-Probleme zumindest " theoretisch " gelöst sind und dass eine friedliche " Koexistenz " der drei klassischen Datenmodelle – Hierarchie-, Netzwerk-und Relationenmo-dell – mit einer Vielzahl von Implementierungen eine aus-reichende Basis für die Lösung aller möglichen Datenhal-tungsprobleme(More)
Problem Oriented Therapy (POT) is a short-term therapy concept that is characterized by the following essentials: Problem orientation, patient orientation, eclecticism and process-structuring. These essentials will be explained and their therapeutic and didactic implications shown. POT is not committed to a certain psychotherapeutic school but uses(More)
Problem-oriented therapy (POT) features the following essentials: problem orientation, eclecticism, patient orientation and brevity. These ingredients, above all the eclecticism, are detailed: diverse psychotherapeutic interventions are administered to foster awareness, modification of thought patterns, modification of behavior, emotionality, awareness of(More)