Albrecht Blaser

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Die Datenbankgemeinde im deutschsprachigen Raum brauchte recht lange, um sich mit ihren Arbeitsgruppen zu organisieren und mit einer allgemein akzeptierten Fachtagung ihr wissenschaftliches Forum zu finden. Wollten DBForscher ihre Ergebnisse in Deutschland einem Fachpublikum vorstellen und sich dabei mit Fachkollegen austauschen, konnten sie ab 1970(More)
In a prospective longitudinal study over several years, 58 patients with breast cancer are compared to 52 patients with fibrocystic disease and 24 patients with mastodynia. Results of coping (as assessed with the Bernese Coping Modes) are presented for the illness course of the first 6 months: (1) There is considerable variation of coping depending on(More)
Judgmental tasks in person perception are related to the degree of confidence of the performing clinician. 10 judges were exposed to increments of video and/or case history information about 10 patients and were asked to rate the patients' characteristics after each phase as well as to indicate how confident they felt about their ratings. The results(More)
This investigation addressed the question of what implicit notions on the suitability for psychotherapy are operative in the therapist and how they affect his perception of the real patient in the first interview. Study 1 compared 13 psychotherapist's ratings of ideal, implicit notions of suitability for a variety of psychotherapies to their ratings of 20(More)
The therapeutic concept is problem- and patient-oriented. In analogy to it the didactic concept is problem- and therapist-oriented. The essential point is learning in groups from practical cases. Problem-oriented in this context means that the problems-solving process in which the patient and the therapist are engaged is supported by the observer group.(More)
Subjective illness concepts mean the comprehensive psychological explanations about causes and functions of actual problems by the patient. These concepts are related to basic needs and they historically arise from interactions with the social environment. In respect to the actual situation they are constructed in a new way. They aim at reorganizing the(More)