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This study applies Ultrafast module-GC (UFM-GC) with direct resistively heated columns to routine analysis of a group of essential oils of differing complexities (chamomile, peppermint, rosemary and sage). Essential oils were analysed by conventional GC with conventional inner diameter (i.d.) columns (0.25 mm) of different lengths (5 and 25 m long) and by(More)
Short capillary columns (5 m) with 0.25 mm inner diameter (I.D.) are applied to the GC analysis of medium complexity samples (up to 30 components) with the aim of shortening analysis time. This approach is complementary to fast GC with narrow-bore columns and is based on compensating the lower efficiency of short columns with conventional I.D.'s (0.25-0.32(More)
The influence of GC speed on the separation capability of a chromatographic system is reported measuring a series of parameters including separation measure (S), peak capacity (n), peak width (w), analysis time, t(b) (determined on the last eluting compound) and separation measure/analysis time ratio (S/t(b)) determined by analyzing a bergamot essential oil(More)
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