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There are different schemes based on observers to detect and isolate faults in dynamic processes. In the case of fault diagnosis in instruments (FDI) there are different diagnosis schemes based on the number of observers: the Simplified Observer Scheme (SOS) only requires one observer, uses all the inputs and only one output, detecting faults in one(More)
Many users with motor disabilities, such as quadriplegics are unable to handle a power wheelchair securely, without causing harm to others, to themselves or their surroundings. Smart wheelchairs usually have been instrumented with a collection of sensors and computers using systems and algorithms that have been designed to provide safe navigation assistance(More)
The universal serial bus (USB) has become the most popular communication interface among personal computers and embedded devices because of its ease of use, low cost, data bandwidth and availability in most computing systems. Microchippsilas PIC 18Fx550 microcontroller has an embedded USB controller that allows rapid development of USB enabled devices. This(More)
Handling systems for power wheelchairs are very useful for users who have diculty moving by themselves; however, most of the current models are designed exclusively for diplegic people and quadriplegics users with a specic disability. But it doesn't exist yet a wheelchair that assist it properly and eciently the dierent disabilities that may present a(More)
One of the most important problems for patients with severe disability is the control systems for electric wheelchairs, because they cannot use common systems as the joystick or keypads. This paper proposes the development of a magnetic control system (MCS) to handle a power wheelchair as an alternative control system for patients with spinal cord injuries,(More)
[Purpose] The purposes of this study were to evaluate whether the therapeutic games developed by the study team are significantly effective for upper limb rehabilitation of patients with cerebral palsy and to assess the development of the games and the evolution of patients throughout the therapy sessions. [Subjects and Methods] This study demonstrates the(More)
Motor rehabilitation is one of the aspects which have great impact in the treatment of injuries, as they prevent that temporary disability due to an accident or illness, become permanently disabled. There are different types of motor rehabilitation carried out depending on the type of lesion and the patient characteristics; they can be grouped into passive(More)
Getting three-dimensional pose and orientation of parts of the body observed by one or more cameras is of great theoretical interest and widely applicable. Usually, computing devices interaction is accomplished by means of a mouse and a keyboard or by touching the screen, but otherwise, human beings relate to their surrounding world using hands, body, and(More)