Albina Rita Zappalà

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PURPOSE Oxaliplatin (L-OHP), a new platinum analogue, is an active drug in colorectal and ovarian cancer. In this phase II study we explored tolerability and activity of oxaliplatin as a single agent in metastatic breast carcinoma patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS Fourteen anthracycline pretreated advanced breast cancer patients were enrolled. Oxaliplatin(More)
The combination of irinotecan (CPT-11), oxaliplatin (L-OHP), 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) and folinic acid (FA) is one of the possibilities to overcome chemoresistance in advanced colorectal cancer (ACRC) patients. The aim of this study was to determine the tolerability and activity of CPT-11 plus chronomodulated infusion of L-OHP, 5-FU and FA in ACRC patients. A(More)
In this study, a randomised phase II trial explored the effects of 6-h chronomodulated CPT-11 infusion in advanced colorectal cancer patients. Sixty-eight pre-treated patients were randomly assigned to CPT-11 administered at 180 mg/m2 on day 1, by 1-h infusion (Arm A) or 6-h sinusoidal infusion with peak timing at 5:00 a.m. (Arm B). All patients also(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of implementing a new technique, intradermal injection lymphoscintigraphy, at rest and after muscular exercise on the functional assessment of the lymphatic system in a group of patients with delayed or absent lymph drainage. METHODS We selected 44 patients (32 women and 12 men; 15 of 44 with upper limb(More)
PURPOSE The best way to deliver infusional 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) and folinic acid (FA) has yet to be determined. The aim of this prospective phase II trial was to verify the tolerability, activity and efficacy of chronomodulated 5-FU-FA (FF(5-16)) every 3 weeks in 48 untreated patients (group A), and 28 pretreated and four non-measurable, advanced(More)
The importance of evaluating patient's quality of life (QoL) in clinical practice and research is recognized clearly in oncology. In the advanced phase of disease such an evaluation represents an endpoint as important as survival. Quality of life is both a subjective and multidimensional concept evaluated mainly by validated questionnaires. In colorectal(More)
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