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BACKGROUND This study aimed to evaluate knowledge and awareness in a group of secondary school students on the subject of risk factors and strategies used in the prevention of oral cancer. METHODS The study took the form of a questionnaire which was filled in by a group of 106 secondary school students. The questionnaire was divided into 3 sections: the(More)
Three studies tested theoretical assumptions regarding the impostor phenomenon. In Study 1, participants completed measures of impostorism, rated themselves, and indicated how they thought other people regarded them. Contrary to standard conceptualizations of impostorism, high impostors were characterized by a combination of low self-appraisals and low(More)
Annually, 3000 people in our country die for oral cancer. Contrarily to other forms of cancer that require the use of instrumental diagnostic tools, the oral cavity is easy to examine and the cancer is usually preceded by precancerous conditions. The problem of the diagnostic delay can be explained through a underestimation of the lesions of the oral cavity(More)
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